LoanStream software was created to be the all-in-one program for your loan management.  Backed by 18 years of industry experience, we were able to design the software around store level workflow making day to day operations run smoother and more efficiently.  LoanStream is simple and easy to use - made to benefit every aspect of your business from the basic every day operation of the store manager/employee to clear concise administrative functionality.  We have developed software that helps owners and upper level managers easily view their situation with more clarity than ever enabling them to make better on-the-fly decisions.  LoanStream can process title lending and regular pawn transactions and buys.  It can also manage and track major concerns like – inventory, movement of titles, accounts assigned to collections, returned items and charges, ROI and yield, advertising lists and effectiveness, employee hours and so much more.

On the technical side, the base software supports a number of fidelity configuration options and full entity tracking and interface to local and remote network servers. The software also allows bi-directional communication to the remote units which can query any peripheral device for enhanced data collection and reporting.  For you non-techie types out there this just means you are going to save time and money on the mundane stuff so you can focus on building your business!  When you choose LoanStream, congratulations will certainly be in order, as your organization is about to take it to the next level!

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